LI Chen

Artist Profile

Li Chen was born in Yunlin, Taiwan in 1963 and now has studios situated in Taichung and Shanghai. He accomplished a style which has fully liberated itself from the confines of tradition by incorporating feelings of self-mindfulness and interpretations of Chinese classics from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions, blended with contemporary thought, evincing a remarkably refreshing and natural affect. The underlying aesthetic principles in Li’s sculpture are based not only on a “dual composition” of Eastern traditions and Western sculptural language but also on an ongoing dialogue with the spiritual and material cultures of Africa and Oceania. Furthermore, Li Chen’s art work aspires to a spiritual arts therapy, uncovering a wealth of joy amidst the simple life’s pleasures, innovating a spiritual space through the pieces, as humor embellishes a metaphorical engagement with the world, in the hopes of sharing this consciousness with the viewer as they appreciate the spiritual elements informing these creations. 

In 1999, Li Chen had his artwork debut in Taipei. Since 2000, his world tour exhibition started from New York to Chicago, Jerusalem, Copenhagen, Miami, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Geneva, Singapore, Seoul, etc. He became the first Chinese artist to give a solo exhibition in the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. In 2008, his work was recognized at a major solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. In 2009, Singapore Art Museum invited him to have his first solo outdoor sculpture exhibition. In 2011, Li Chen’s “Greatness of Spirit: the Li Chen Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Taiwan,” marked Asia’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition undertaking in the thirty year history of the CKS memorial hall and presented Li's fruitful 12-year creation from Taiwan's landmark to show the radiant bloom of the perfect combination of the spirit of the orient and contemporary vision. In 2012, he launched his first solo exhibition in the United State—Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner, at Frye Art Museum in Seattle. It is, therefore, the artist’s truest desire to share life’s inspirations with viewers through his own sculptures.


Solo Exhibitions

2013   Li Chen 2013 Place Vendôme Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Paris
2012   Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner, Frye Art Museum, Seattle
2011   Greatness of Spirit: Li Chen Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Taiwan, Taipei
    The Constitution of Immortality, Art Stage, Singapore
2010   The Beacon– When Night Light Glimmers, ShContemporary 10, Shanghai
2009   Li Chen: MindBodySpirit, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2008   Soul Guardians- Li Chen Solo Show, Asia Art Center, Beijing
    In Search of Spiritual Space, National Museum of China, Beijing
2007   Energy of Emptiness, 52nd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Venice
2005   Li Chen Sculpture, Art Taipei 2005, Taipei
2003   Spiritual Journey through the Great Ether, Michael Goedhuis Gallery, New York
2001   Delights of Ordinary People, River Art Gallery, Taichung
2000   The Transformation of Emptiness – Boundary within Boundary, Art Taipei 2000, Taipei
1999   Energy of Emptiness, Art Taipei, Taipei

Group Exhibitions

2013   Culture. Mind. Becoming, 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Italy
2011   Splendid Ethics, Interalia Art Company, Seoul
2010   Spirit of the East II - Bridging, Asia Art Center, Beijing
    Korea International Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
2009   The 4th International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo, Beijing
    Art HK 09, Hong Kong
2008   Spirit of the East I - Accumulations, Asia Art Center, Beijing
    The Origin: The first Annual Moon River Sculpture Festival, Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
2007   Exploration and Revolution of images in reality by the 14 contemporary Chinese Artists, Doosan Art Center, Seoul
    China Onward: Chinese Contemporary Art 1966-2006, The Louisiana Museum of Modern 
    Art, Copenhagen & Israel Museum, Jerusalem
    OPENASIA, 10th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice
    The Power of the Universe – Exhibition of Frontier, Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing
    TOP 10 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2006   Singapore Art Fair, Singapore; Art Taipei, Taipei
2005   Shanghai International Biennial Urban Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai
    China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing
2004   OPENASIA, 7th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice
    Fiction Love– Ultra New Vision in Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
    China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing
    Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai
2003   Art Chicago, Chicago
    International Contemporary Art Fair, New York
2002   Art Palm Beach, Florida
    Art Chicago, Chicago
    International Fine Art Fair, Houston
2001   China without Borders, headquarters of Sotheby’s, New York
    Asian Art Fair, Paris
    Salon de Mars Art Fair, Geneva, Switzerland
    Art Chicago, Chicago
    The International Asian Art Fair, New York
[LC001] - Nothing in the heart
Bronze Sculpture
51 x 48 x 38 cm
[LC002] - Snow Wonderland, Cloud Glider, Golden Rain,Landscape in Heaven, Cultivated by Mist and Cloud (from left to right)
Bronze Sculptures
158.5 x 40 x 57 cm
[LC003] -Entering the World 27/30
Bronze Sculpture
23.5 x 23.5 x 50 cm
[LC004] - A Special Collection of Five Works: Snow Wonderland, Cloud Glider, Golden Rain, Landscape in Heaven, Cultivated by Mist and Cloud
Bronze Sculptures
158.5 x 40 x 57 cm
[LC005] - Cause (2/8)
Bronze Sculpture
69 × 50 × 120 cm
[LC006] - Landscape in Heaven 1/8
Bronze Sculpture
91 x 107 x 164 cm
[LC007] - Flickering Moonlightimage 2/8
Bronze Sculpture
75 x 39 x 83 cm
[LC008] - Ephemeral Beauty
Bronze Sculpture
34 × 39 × 116 cm