Li Ji kai

Artist Profile

LI Jikai was born in 1975 in Chengdu, China. Graduated in oil painting from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He currently teaches in animation department of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. His works usually describe inner pain of Chinese young generation who grow up daydreaming under the red flag. His works also convey very typically that young artists strive into the psychedelic world of individual subconscious to get knowing impacts caused by modern unstable and messy life on new generations. Meanwhile, the surfaces of his works present a sense of nirvana and illusion, and are able to express multiple layers of implied meanings.

Li Jikai’s work is a implicit teenager autobiography, sad and lyrical. He painted not only the common sense and reality, but also the imaginary world, with his childish and transparent comic-style strokes.


Solo Exhibitions

2004, in He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, "Mood of the Youth—Exhibition of Rewarded Paintings of Chinese Newly Emerging Artists";

2005, "Next Stop, Cartoon?" in Gallery 3818;

2006, "Variable Images—Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings Invitational Exhibition", Shanghai Art Museum.

Group Exhibitions

[LJK001] - Eggs
oil on canvas
80 cm x 60 cm