CHIU Ya-Tsai (QIU Yacai)

Artist Profile

Chiu Ya-Tsai (or Qiu Yacai, 1949-2013) was a Taiwanese artist, left school at the age of fourteen and began to explore the world of Western literature and Chinese philosophies while experiencing years of compulsory military training in Taiwan.  He exposed himself to various works, including the Han dynasty historian Sima Qian to Greek tragedians, Shakespeare and Russian novelist Dostoevysky, revealing his genuine concern for the complexities of human nature. 

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

2005   Taiwan Contemporary, Guan Du
2004   80’s Expressionisms, Providence University, Tawain
1999   Ju Ming & Chiu Ya Tsai, Art Fair, Switzerland
    Ju Ming & Chiu Ta Tsai, Monaco
1990   300 years of Art in Taiwan, Provincial Museum of Art, Taichung
1989   Three Hundred Years of Taiwanese Art, Taiwan Museum of Art Taiwan
1988   Contemporary Ink Painting, National Museum of History Taipei, Taiwan
1987   The Mind’s Eye, Asian Arts Institute, New York, NY
1979   American Cultural Centre Taipei, Taiwan
[QYC001] - Untitled
Oil on canvas
50cm x 72cm
[QYC002] Three Portraits (Set of 3)
65cm H x 50cm W
Oil on canvas