“The Worm Talks #Macau” Ah Chung’s First Solo Exhibition of art in Macau
“The Worm Talks #Macau” Ah Chung’s First Solo Exhibition of art in Macau
10 2014
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“The Worm Talks #Macau”

Ah Chung’s First Solo Exhibition of art in Macau



(Macau News, 9 October 2014) Macpro Gallery is committed to promoting various forms of art.  In the past months, Macpro Gallery has held a cross over event of contemporary art x swim wear show; a Japanese contemporary art exhibition and an architectural photography exhibition. This time, we have invited the renowned artist – Ah Chung (Mr. Yim Yee King) to host his first ever Solo Exhibition in Macau, ‘The Worm Talks # Macau’.


In the past, Ah Chung has hosted solo exhibitions in many parts of the world including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, etc. It is the first time for him to host an exhibition in Macau.  In this exhibition, all the works are newly created by Ah Chung, two of them are large scale oil paintings with Macau’s floral emblem – the lotus as the subject.


Ah Chung hosted this recent exhibition 3 years ago. Certainly fans of Ah Chung will look forward to seeing more of his work. This time, we will exhibit 4 types of Ah Chung’s paintings. Apart from the two large oil paintings, we will also show the ‘Impression of Macau’ series which reflect his feelings on Macau’s past and present.  And there will be many Classic Chung’s paintings and several paintings with Chung’s poems.  Total there will be over 60 pieces.





This humble artist admires worms not only for their great strength in survival but also to be happy in harsh environments so he calls himself ‘Ah Chung’ (insect). Ah Chung is famous for his simple brushwork filled with wisdom of life, his paintings speak straight to people’s hearts.


We hope the audience appreciate the paintings of Ah Chung in ‘The Worm Talks # Macau’. They will certainly get enlightened by his nature-inspired philosophy. Whatever we encounter in life, we can always look at a different angle with an open-mind.



Exhibition Information  

Ah Chung’s First Solo Exhibition of art in Macau ‘The Worm Talks #Macau’ will be held from the 10th to 26th of this month, every Thursday to Sunday, 12:00H to 20:00H, at Macpro Gallery.  Open to the public and free admission. 



Charity Silent Auction

Both Macpro Gallery and Ah Chung believe in art is life, we hope people can appreciate art while showing care for the underprivileged groups in our society.

In this exhibition, Ah Chung will donate a painting called "Happiness Naturally Comes After A Smiling Face" for charity silent auction.  We hope the highest bidder will have peace and joy by generously giving to others.


During the show, the painting for charity auction will be displayed. The whole amount of funds raised will be donated to "Macau Caritas" for its rehabilitation services, serving the intellectual disabilities and the physically challenged.



Souvenir Corner

Ah Chung has become a grandfather.  He would like to teach his grandchildren well, does not want them to become "Hong Kong kids" (an expression popular in Hong Kong, refers to children who are unable to look after themselves, have low emotional intelligence and are vulnerable to adversity). Through playing, he comes up with a different way to educate his grandchildren.  Ah Chung wants to share his extraordinary way of parenting with the public. He worked with Ms.


Chow Mi Mi, the renowned children book author and Ms. Maxim Tang, the well-liked children’s publication illustrator to work out a picture book "Extraordinary Grandpa".


During the exhibition, we will set up two souvenir corners, one at Macpro Gallery and another one at the lobby of Hotel Sun Sun, selling the new book ‘Extraordinary Grandpa’, a painting album book of Ah Chung and souvenir with images of Ah Chung’s paintings.



Parenting Workshop

We are honored to have invited Ah Chung, Ms. Chow Mi Mi and Ms. Maxim Tang, who have smart ideas on parenting, to conduct a parenting workshop on 25th of October at Conference Room of Macpro Business Center. The subjects of the workshop will be (1) Story Mama will share the tips on story telling techniques; (2) Ah Chung, Ms. Chow Mi Mi and Ms. Maxim Tang to share their philosophy on parenting; (3) Question and Answer session.


To show our support, this workshop will be offered free to parents of infants served by Macau Caritas rehabilitation services.  We hope to take this opportunity to give them a fun, enjoyable and restful afternoon, while also sharing in the speakers’ ideas and exchange thoughts.


For more information about the above activities, please feel free to enquire by calling 2833-7828.



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