Artist Profile

Oky Rey Montha (Kyre) is one of the important young artists in Indonesia. He was born on 3 January 1986 in Kabanjahe, Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. His work influenced many of the things that smelled of imagination, unreal things, tales, literature & spiritual. 

His colorful and chaotic works are expressive and bitterly ironic and hide, behind an apparent normality, numerous dark sides and bitter memories of Montha’s existence. Since his early childhood he had to fend for himself, his survival, education and family. Montha often uses comics to immortalize episodes of his difficult life, which is at the same time an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspirations. The facial expressions of his dynamic protagonists are close to caricatures and emphasize the personality and emotionality of his subjects.

This pop surrealist artist can always depart from the terms of the spiritual things from his mind and his environment. This artist combines music, art and literature for his work. This artist is also interested in video art, installations and sculptures. Kyre has basic drawing strongly on his work and the fact, he is one of the Pirates in the Red Sea. He will circumnavigate the world with his works.


Solo Exhibitions

2012   KYRESOPHIA, Primo Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy 
2011   KYRELOGY, Galeri Canna, Jakarta, Indonesia
2010   EVORAH ( Evil Of Rabbit Head ), Tujuh Bintang Art Space, Yogyakarta,Indonesia

Group Exhibitions

2011   In Flux / Jogja Gallery / Yogyakarta
    JATIM BIENALLE / GO Art Space / Surabaya
    Art Stage / Primo Marella  Gallery / Singapore
    Arte Fierra / Primo Marella Gallery / Bologna, Italy
    The Alleys of City Named Jogja / Primo Marella Gallery / Milan, Italy
    Scoop Basel / Basel / Swiss
    Bazzar Art / Ritz Charlton / Jakarta
    ART JOG 11 / Taman Budaya / Yogyakarta
    ART Care / Taman Budaya / Yogyakarta
2010   Penyelenggara sekaligus artist TK Festival 3 Exhibition / cafebale / Yogyakarta
    Drawing Lover Exhibition / UPT Gallery ISI Yogyakarta / Yogyakarta
    ART JOG 10 / Jogja Art Fair / Taman Budaya / Yogyakarta
    Bazzar Art Award Exhibition / Ritz Charlton / Jakarta
    BazzarArt exhibition / Vanessa Art House / Jakarta
    One Gallery 10 Anniversary Exhibition / One Gallery / Jakarta
    Crossing and Bluring the Boundaries / Galeri Nasional / Jakarta
    Disambar Desember / Galeri ISI / Yogyakarta
2009   Pameran Drawing in Sneakers / uk. Petra Surabaya
    Mini Art Exhibition / Upi / Bandung
    Exhibition Room / Jogja Expo Centre / Yogyakarta
    Penyelenggara sekaligus artist TK Festival / Benteng Vredeburg / Yogyakarta
    TK Festival / Dago Tea House / Bandung
    Jogja Art Fair ( JAF )#2 / with TK Syndicate / Taman Budaya / Yogyakarta
    Expo Sign / Pameran 25 tahun ISI Jogja / Jogja Expo Centre / Yogyakarta
    Menyelenggarakan Diskom Drawing Foundation Exhibition / ISI Jogja / Yogyakarta       
    Diskomplet exhibition / Bentara Budaya / Yogyakarta
    See the sound exhibition / with TK Syndicate / Ars longa Gallery / Yogyakarta
    ruang rupa café bale exhibition / Biennale x jogja support / cafébale /  Yogyakarta 
2008   Pameran Seni Lukis Selekda BPSMI , Sanata Dharma / Yogyakarta & Jambi
    Pameran Rumah Seribu Kota, Jogja National Museum / Yogyakarta
    Penyelenggara sekaligus artis Satan Festival, Rumah Eyank Gallerie / Yogyakarta
    Diskomfest 3 / Jogja National Museum / yogyakarta
    Pameran Bersama Mahasiwa Katholik ISI Jogja, Kaliurang / Yogyakarta
    Pameran Seniku Tak Berhenti Lama / Taman Budaya / Yogyakarta 
2007   Pameran bersama keluarga mahasiswa katholik ISI jogja, Kumetiran Kidul / Yogyakarta 
    Pameran Typographie Fontastic, Karta Pustaka / Yogyakarta
    Pameran Unity Of Art, Taman Budaya / Yogyakarta
    Pameran T-Shirt Illustration, LIP / Yogyakarta
[OR001] - Change
200cm x 150cm
[OR002] - Voyage
acrylic on canvas
200 x 150 cm