"Dialogue with Japanese Contemporary Art" Exhibition 06-06-14 .
"Dialogue with Japanese Contemporary Art" Exhibition 06-06-14 .
05 JUN 2014
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 “Dialogue with Japanese Contemporary Art” Exhibition

by Macpro Gallery


(Macau, June 5) “Art Without Boundary”, it is the common understanding among artists and art circles. As a contemporary art space, Macpro Gallery is looking forward to cooperating with different forms of art from different countries, linking Macau with the art world outside. 

In May, Macpro Gallery has teamed up with the high fashion Italian swimwear Livia Meldolesi hosting the intriguing art and fashion show “Dolce Vita Macau” introducing different dimensions of art into our lives.

 This time Macpro Gallery invited gallery UG from Japan, another contemporary art gallery, to joint in this cross cultural exhibition. Position as a multifunctional art space open to different types of art, Macpro Gallery will feature in this exhibition “Dialogue with Japanese Contemporary Art”,paintings and sculptures from some of the most promising young artists from Japan. The exhibition is open to public from June 7 to 22 (Close on Mondays), 9am to 12:30 noon and 2pm to 6pm.

Works from eleven Japanese artists will be exhibited. Many of these artists are young and creative; they expressed original concepts and ideas that make their works so interesting yet divergent. The artworks illustrate the luring styles and unique finesse of the artists which promised to arouse viewers’ imaginations of all ages like bees to honey.

To support the exhibition Mr Eiichiro Sasaki, president of gallery UG will come all the way from Japan with two promising Japanese artists – Mr Gekko Numata and Mr Kunihiko Nohara, whose works are also being displayed at the exhibition.